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2016 VIP Upgrade

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Thank you for joining me for the
Makeover Your Mindset Series!
During this series we covered in depth how to makeover your mindset,your manifesting, your marketing,and your money!


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Own all 4 sessions
for your
success library!



Session 1 – MINDSET:

  • makeover-mindset-cover-1Develop the foundational tools of how to create a mindset that is set up to win.
  • Learn what Top Performers do to foster a rock solid belief system.
  • Understand the triggers that create stress and worry for you – and how to course correct them.
  • Condition your mind for improved self confidence and esteem – which is the foundation of you feeling worthy and deserving of having what you want!

Session 2 – MANIFESTING:

  • makeover-mindset-cover-2Learn how to manifest and attract what you want with greater ease.
  • Discover up to date powerful strategies in goal setting and achievement.
  • Implement my 3 go-to strategies for attracting what you want to your life.
  • Get clear on what you really want – and how to activate it’s manifestation to your life!

Session 3 – MARKETING:

  • makeover-mindset-cover-3Learn proven strategies to share your message with more people.
  • Overcome the natural fears of selling that are often standing in your way.
  • Become a magnet where others love to promote you and refer business to you!
  • Increase your confidence in how you’re sharing your own message, products or services with the world!

Session 4 – MONEY:

  • makeover-mindset-cover-4Release the money fears, stories, and baggage that is weighing you down.
  • Create a thriving money mindset to attract a new experience with your own relationship with money.
  • Implement the Law of Momentum in your sales and income strategy that has helped hundreds of clients double, triple their income
  • Discover and activate the same money principles that have stood the test of time…
  • Get ready to have a whole new relationship with money in your own life!

 Own the series! ($197 Value)

You will receive:
Digital Audio Downloads
Transcripts of each class
Class worksheets




Plus Receive These Bonuses!!


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The Creator's Oath

The Creator’s Oath ($25 Value)

Create inspiration in your home or office space with this beautiful 11×14 poster centered on universal success principles in guiding you to create a life and a business you love! This product is delivered DIGITALLY to your inbox.



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Tiffany in chairCoaching Q&A Session
($500 Value)

Do you have a question or challenge you would like some personalized coaching support with?

When you purchase the VIP Upgrade, you will have private access to a group coaching call with me, Tiffany Peterson, where I will personally answer the questions you have to help you strategize your next steps. Call dates and details will be emailed to guests upon purchase.

PLUS, you will also receive all of the added bonus tools featured on my website, – over $500 in success trainings from my guest experts!




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Success Academy Logo

Save $150 off of Success Academy

Receive a coupon code to participate in an upcoming Group Coaching Program.

Self Esteeminfluences every result in life by how you’re showing up, what you feel you’re worth, & how you’re playing the game of life!

Sales Mindset & Skillset…from how you feel about selling, to having an effective sales funnel process, to asking for the money – no other skill in business is as critical as mastering your confidence with sales.

Developing both the Self Esteem & Sales Confidence is the secret formula to making more money, enrolling more clients, and fulfilling your purpose and dreams!

For more information on Success Academy go to


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Edwene Gaines

Edwene Gaines Audio
($47 value)

Receive this digital audio recording of abundance author, Edwene Gaines sharing her valuable insights to shift your money story.



[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Natalie and Andy Goddard“Tiffany Peterson came into our lives at the perfect time. She helped us quickly advance to Presidential Diamond status (the top rank) in our doTERRA business in a short amount of time. Her support, intuition, and sales expertise helped us break through what we needed to grow our business, our income, and our ability to serve more people. We are forever grateful our paths have crossed! If you’re serious about lasting change and increased income, Tiffany Peterson can help you too.”
Natalie & Andy Goddard, doTERRA

[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Arin Ingraham“Coaching with Tiffany Peterson is the best personal & professional decision I’ve made to date! My return on investment has been beyond AWESOME! I achieved a dramatic increase & sales, which continue to trend upward every month alongside of growing as a leader and business owner. Tiffany has the ability to turn the light on inside of us and face any mountain we wish to climb!”
– Arin Ingraham, Ashland, Orgeon
[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Jen Oldham“I attended Tiffany Peterson’s Elevation event and within 30 days, I doubled my sales volume and I achieved the Blue Diamond rank in doTERRA! Prior to her event, I had been stuck for 15 months at the same position and not able to move forward. Tiffany’s training is a must attend if you’re serious about growing your sales and your results…FAST!” – Jennifer Oldham, Blue Diamond, doTERRA


[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#e4536b”]Total VIP Upgrade Value = $1,200,[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Only $297.00!!

Makeover Your Mindset 2016


YES! I’m ready to thrive in my life and rock my results!
Please send me the full package!

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[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Katee Payne“Working with Tiffany Peterson was a game changer for me and my business. I was stuck, not progressing, and after working with Tiffany momentum really hit! My income after working with her, in a years time grew 325% year over year! Quadrupling my income! She has truly been a lighthouse for me in my life making dramatic positive changes on all levels. When people ask for my secrets to success, Tiffany Peterson is the answer.” -Katee Payne, Leader DoTerra Essential Oils

[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”4px”]Ann Webb“There are so many different levels that Tiffany’s sales training & coaching has helped me be more successful with my business, Ideal LifeVision. I implemented Tiffany’s coaching to figure out how to increase my efficiency in sales conversations. Through her 5 gates sales system I was able to double my enrollment into my workshops and coaching programs immediately – thus doubling my income!
– Ann Webb, Founder of


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Tiffany Peterson
Tiffany Peterson is a seasoned speaker and international coach helping individuals and teams create the lives and results they desire.

Tiffany is most well known for helping others to master the self esteem and sales confidence to create a sustainable income to fulfill their business dreams.

For more information on Tiffany and her programs visit,



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